Thursday, July 31, 2014

July, July, July

July has been a busy month for us. We went to Bear Lake with my family over the 4th, we had some neighborhood parties, we went to Lake Powell with Brad's family over the 24th, and Brad has been in school during all of this. We had a blast at both lakes. I really wish we had more time to go to both of those places more often. Here are a few pics from our fun. Having a baby makes for one amazing summer!

1.Went to Tibble Fork Reservoir for the first time with some ladies in my ward. It was a total blast and so gorgeous! If you haven't been there, be sure to check it out.
2. Paisley just rockin' her new hair do.
3. My two loves on the 4th of July at Bear Lake
4. Paisley Pais just happy as can be.
5. My beautiful baby at Bear Lake
6. She is such a cheeser
7. She loves her froggy pool
8. Brad's new look- a sombrero, a tank top and uncomfortably short shorts. I am one lucky lady
9. Paisley at Tibble Fork just munchin some watermelon.

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