Thursday, July 31, 2014

July, July, July

July has been a busy month for us. We went to Bear Lake with my family over the 4th, we had some neighborhood parties, we went to Lake Powell with Brad's family over the 24th, and Brad has been in school during all of this. We had a blast at both lakes. I really wish we had more time to go to both of those places more often. Here are a few pics from our fun. Having a baby makes for one amazing summer!

1.Went to Tibble Fork Reservoir for the first time with some ladies in my ward. It was a total blast and so gorgeous! If you haven't been there, be sure to check it out.
2. Paisley just rockin' her new hair do.
3. My two loves on the 4th of July at Bear Lake
4. Paisley Pais just happy as can be.
5. My beautiful baby at Bear Lake
6. She is such a cheeser
7. She loves her froggy pool
8. Brad's new look- a sombrero, a tank top and uncomfortably short shorts. I am one lucky lady
9. Paisley at Tibble Fork just munchin some watermelon.

Miss Paisley J. at 11 months

*Has 4 teeth still, with her two front teeth making their way
*Weighs about 18 pounds
*Cruises all over holding onto furniture
*Can stand for about 30 seconds on her own
*Absolutely loves to read books. Her favorites right now are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar
*Loves tub time. I will start the bath and she will crawl to the bathroom from wherever she is.
*Eats ALL the time! Loves pancakes, noodles, crackers, and meat, especially hamburger.
*Points at what she wants and pushes away what she doesn't want.
*Sometimes I will ask her to say mamama and she'll say it back, but I don't think she is realizing what she's saying.
*Loves her cousins

Monday, June 23, 2014

June Happenings

I love June! Summer is finally here and adventures begin. We've had a fun summer already, complete with Birthdays, Baseball games, Boating, and BBQs.

These two had birthdays. Brad turned 26 and his dad turned the big 50!
I had fun making these cakes for them. Brad's is a homemade oreo ice cream cake, and I had been waiting months to make that toilet cake for his dad. They both turned out great and tasted delicious!
We went boating at Utah lake for a birthday celebration. Paisley was having the time of her life, despite the cooler weather. We also went to the Bees game. It was Paisley's first baseball game and she loved it, except when the crowd gets loud and cheers.
Her favorite hangout spot these days is on the fireplace.
Her friend Jaxon came over to play. After dinner they needed a bath, and everyone loves nakey baby photos! They are so darn cute!

10 months

Paisley J  is 10 months old!
*Loves grapes and watermelon
*Crawls all over the place
*Loves to pull herself onto the fireplace (I have a mini panic attack every time she's near it)
*Loves being thrown in the air by anyone, but especially dad-he throws her extra high
*size 3 diapers
*size 6-12 or 9m clothes
*Nurses morning and night
*Loves to curl up with a blanket near her face and sleep on her side or tummy
*Loves the swings at the park
*Has 4 teeth. Her bottom middle teeth, and her top fangs - she looks pretty cute :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Paisley at 9 months

9 months old!
*Got her first tooth on May 16th
*Crawled for the first time on May 17th
*25 inches long
*17 pounds
*Has been sick for the first time (not related to shots)
*Can pick up food and put it in her mouth
*Can pull herself up
*Likes to sit up and pull toys out of her basket, and then put them back in
*Learning to wave and give a high five
*Loves going to the zoo
*Nursing 3-5 times a day
*Size 3 diapers
*6-9 month clothing
*Loves going to baby zumba
*Likes to sit outside and splash her hands in water
*Says dadadada

 1.Paisley with her piggy tails at the CF walk downtown.
2.Brad cuddled up with Paisley's blanket
3.This is what she does when she's tired and wants you to pick her up
4.Carter, Owen, and Pais in the eagle's nest at the zoo
5. Mommy and Pais at the zoo
6. Learning to crawl
7. Poor sick babe
8. Eating blueberry muffin in her new high chair (thanks grandma nancy!)
9. Playing outside - she is obviously a big fan of that hat

Thursday, April 24, 2014

8 months old

This little nugget turned 8 months old!

*Very stable sitting up
*Loves to blow raspberries/bubbles with her mouth
*No teeth yet
*Almost crawling-gets in crawling position and then rocks back and forth
*Rolls to get where she wants-she's pretty fast too
*Still doesn't like a bottle
*Loves to play with her rubber ducky in the tub
*Loves being outside
*Loves sweet potato, carrots, avocado, peanut butter, yogurt, blueberry muffins, banana
*Size 3 diapers
*6 month clothes
*Sleeps about 10-12 hours

Thursday, March 13, 2014

a few pics

Paisley at her 6 month well child check
Playing outside
Playing the piano on the ipad with dad